In order to deliver sustainability we will focus on:

  • Delivering a mixed-use sustainable neighbourhood with a balanced mix of homes, jobs and facilities to allow living and working on site
  • Protecting wildlife habitats, hedgerows and trees as well as implementing initiatives to encourage biodiversity
  • Green infrastructure including the provision of green spaces comprising parks, sports pitches, play areas and the retention of valuable woodland
  • Travel plans incorporating new public transport investment as well as pedestrian and cycle infrastructure
  • Opportunities for rainwater recycling systems, renewable forms of energy, recycling and reuse of materials
  • High environmental standards have been set for the new buildings, including high levels of energy efficiency, on site energy generation and swale parks to drain the site naturally. The proposals will match the Government’s targets for sustainable homes
  • The heritage value of the Lubbesthorpe medieval village will be protected and enhanced
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems will mitigate the current flooding problems downstream at Watergate Lane/Lubbesthorpe Road.